Acting age: 20 - 35

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Hair colour: Dark blond
Eye colour: Green
Language - Fluent: Norwegian, English US, English UK, German.
Language - Knowledge: Swedish, Danish, Sign language.


2009: Winner of The Amanda Award for best actor in supporting role in the movie ”North”.

Feature Films
2019: Troy (lead) - "May Liss". Director Magne Pedersen.
2018: Helmer Hansen (supp) -  “Amundsen”. Regi Espen Sandberg. Motion Blur.
2018: Per (lead) - "The Ashlad 2". Director Mikkel Sandemose. Maipo Film.
2017: Daniel (lead) - "Project X". Director Henrik M. Dahlsbakken. Film Bros.
2017: Marius (lead) - "The 12th man". Director Harald Zwart. Nordisk Film.
2017: Adrian (lead) - "Cave 2" Pre-prod. Director Henrik M. Dahlsbakken. FilmBros.
2016: Per (lead) - "The Ashlad". Director Mikkel Sandemose. Maipo Film.
2015: Erik Moberg (supp) - "Eddie The Eagle". Director Dexter Fletcher. Marv Films / 20th Century Fox.
2015: Adrian (lead) - "Cave". Director Henrik M. Dahlsbakken. FilmBros.
2014: Even (lead) - "Dark Woods 2". Director Pål Øie. Mad Monkey.
2013: Robert (supp) - "August Fools". Director Taru Mäkelä. Kinosto OY.
2013: Ditlef (supp) - "Victoria". Director Torunn Lian. Filmkameratene.
2012: William (lead) - "All that matters is past". Director Sara Johnsen. 4 ½ Fiksjon.
2010: Per (lead) - ”Upperdog”. Director Sara Johnsen. Friland AS.
2009: Ulrik (supp) - ”North”. Director Rune Denstad Langlo. Motlys AS.
2008: Johan (supp) - ”Cold Prey 2”. Director Mads Stenberg. Fantefilm AS.

TV / Drama
2020: Martin (lead) - "State of Happiness" Season 2 - Director Petter Ness. Maipo Film / NRK Drama.
2019: Petter Bjørnstad (supp) - Occupied Season 3 - Regi: Erik Skjoldberg. Yellowbird.
2017: Martin (lead) - "State of Happiness" - Season 1 - Director Petter Ness. Maipo Film / NRK Drama.
2016: Håvard (supp) - "Nobel". Director Per Olav Sørensen. Monster / NRK Drama.
2014: Fredrik Kayser (supp) - "The Saboteurs". Director Per Olav Sørensen. Filmkameratene / NRK Drama.
2013: BP (lead)  - "Hjem" season 2. Director Simen Alsvik. NRK Drama.
2012: Tom (supp) - "Dag" season 3. Director Tuva Novotny. TV 2.
2011: Sverre Falck (supp) - "Lilyhammer". Director Lisa Gamlem. Netflix / Rubicon / NRK Drama.
2011: Tom (supp) - "Dag" season 2. Director Øystein Karlsen. TV 2.
2011: Axel Stranger (supp) - ”Erobreren”. Director Eva Isachsen. NRK Drama.

2017: Director - "Human Tsunami". Documentary. Storyline NOR.

Short Movies
2013: Ragnar (lead) in "The Fall". Director Andreas Thaulow. Gosse Media.
2012: Emil (lead) in "The Farm". Director Aurora Gossè. The Norwegian Film School.
2012: Bjørn (lead) in "Unn`s Love". Director Tobias Asplin. Nordland Film School.
2012: Magnus (lead) in " Hide and seek ". Director Ola M Lisberg. Westerdals Film School.
2012: The man (lead) in "The apple house". Director Per Jynge. Gosse Media.

Worked at The National Theatre in Oslo, The Norwegian Opera in Oslo, The National Stage in Bergen, The Norwegian National Touring Company, The Torshov Theater in Oslo, Rogaland Theater in Stavanger, The Open Theater in Oslo, Black Box Theater in Oslo, Nordland Theater in Mo i Rana and Sogn og Fjordane Theater in Førde.

20 years of martial arts training: Mixed martial arts (MMA), Boxing, Judo and European style wrestling.
Stunts. Advanced weapon training.
Horseback riding, acrobatics, climbing, basic classical- and modern dance, stage fighting and fencing.
Cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboard.

Voice: Tenor. Singing lessons since 1994.
Musical instruments: Guitar, bass and piano.

Driver license for car, motorcycle and snow-mobil.